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Blendstone Grey

The Blendstone Series

The Blendstone Series is a porcelain tile from Italy.  It is available in 2 sizes and has surface bullnosing.

Ardesia Black with bar stools.

The Stone Mix Collection

The Stone Mix collection is an Italian porcelain.  It features a heavy variation and a textured surface.  The series is available is …

The Live series is a porcelain tile from Italy with a faux wood finish.  It is available in 5 colors.

The Live Series

New from Italy.  Live series.  Porcelain tile suitable for both wall and floor.  Available in 5 colors.

The LTW series is ceramic wall tile from Italy.  It is available in 4 colors and in 3 styles and a listello as shown.

LTW Series

LTW series from Italy.  8″ x 20″ Wall tiles.