Capitolio Series

Porcelain tile: Capitolio Series, available in 2 colors – Blanco and Bone. Made in Spain.

Palermo Bone

Porcelain tile: Palermo Bone 12″ x 24″. Made in Spain.

Somport and Arles Series

Wall tiles: Somport and Arles 12.2″ x 38.6″, available in 2 colors – Light and Sand. Made in Spain. Porcelain tiles: Somport …

EC Murray Iron

Porcelain tile: EC Murray Iron 29.5″ x 59″. Made in Spain.

G. Aurora Series

Wall tile: G. Aurora Gold 12″ x 36″ and G. RLV Aurora Gold 12″ x 36″. Made in Spain. Porcelain tile: G. …

Alure Series

Porcelain tile: Alure Series 24″ x 48″, available in 3 colors, satin and polish finishes – Cream, Grey, and White. Made in …

Annie Blue

Porcelain tile: Annie Blue 24″ x 48″. Made in Spain.