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Osaka Series

Porcelain tile: Osaka Series 24″ x 48″, available in 6 colors. Made in Spain.

G Melrose Series

Porcelain tile: G Melrose Series 4″ x 20″, available in 5 colors – Aquamarine, Blue, Caramel, Carbon, and Grey. Made in Spain.

G Arnia Blanco

Porcelain tile: G Arnia Blanco 8″ x 8″, available in solid and Leaf pattern (random). Made in Spain.

G Robin Series

Porcelain tile: G Robin Series 8″ x 8″, available in 3 colors – Blue, Pearl, and White. Made in Spain.

Home Grey Range

Porcelain tile: Home Grey Range – available in 2 sizes, 12″ x 24″ and 24″ x 24″ (2cm thickness) Made in USA

Warm White

Porcelain tile: Warm White, available in 2 sizes – 18″ x 36″ and 24″ x 24″ (2cm thickness) Made in USA

Shangai Series

Porcelain tile: Shangai series 12″ x 24″, available in 2 colors – Fumee and Quarzo. Made in Italy.

Amazonia Series

Porcelain tile: Amazonia Series 8.6″ x 35.6″, available in 2 colors – Grey and Nature. Made in Spain.

Duplocem Gris

Porcelain tile: Duplocem Gris 24″ X 24″. Made in Spain.

LAB325 Series

Porcelain tile: LAB325 24″ x 48″, available in 3 colors and 2 designs. Metal colors: Ash and Taupe. Form colors: Ash, Pearl, …