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Wood Look

Shangai Series

Porcelain tile: Shangai series 12″ x 24″, available in 2 colors – Fumee and Quarzo. Made in Italy.

Amazonia Series

Porcelain tile: Amazonia Series 8.6″ x 35.6″, available in 2 colors – Grey and Nature. Made in Spain.

G. Bellver Series

Porcelain tile: G. Bellver 10″ x 40″ (wood style), available in 2 colors – Gris and Haya. Made in Spain.

Kubrik Series

Porcelain tile: Kubrik 8.5″ x 46.5″ (wood style), available in 3 colors – Blue, Gris, and Natural. Made in Spain.

EC Scandinavian Series

Porcelain tile: EC Scandinavian, available in 2 colors – Cerezo and Pearl. Made in Spain.

Sagres Series

Porcelain tile: Sagres 6″ x 36″, available in 2 colors – Ceniza and Wengue. Made in Spain.

G. Olea Series

Porcelain tile: G. Olea 9″ x 41″, available in 2 colors – Miel and Silver. Made in Spain.

Hardin Valley Series

Porcelain tile: Hardin Valley 8″ x 48″, available in 2 colors – Blanco and Nero. Made in USA


Trail 9″ x 36″ porcelain tile, made in Spain. Available in 3 colors: Grey, Haya, and White.


Alpine porcelain tile, made in Spain. Available in 2 styles: Alpine Line Rwd 24″ x 48″ and Alpine Rwd 8″ x 47″