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EC Scandinavian Series

Porcelain tile: EC Scandinavian, available in 2 colors – Cerezo and Pearl. Made in Spain.

Diamond/Ducale Series

Ceramic Wall tile: Diamond Gold and Ducale White 3″ x 12″, only available in polished finish. Porcelain tile: Diamond Gold and Ducale …

Sagres Series

Porcelain tile: Sagres 6″ x 36″, available in 2 colors – Ceniza and Wengue. Made in Spain.

G. Olea Series

Porcelain tile: G. Olea 9″ x 41″, available in 2 colors – Miel and Silver. Made in Spain.

EC Fraga Cotto

Porcelain tile: EC Fraga Cotto, 12.25″x12.25″. Made in Spain.

G. Sonante Arena

Polished Porcelain tile: G. Sonante Arena, available in 2 sizes – 24″ x 48″ and 2″ x 2″ mosaic. Made in Spain.

Ocean Series

Ceramic tiles: Ocean 13″ x 26″, available in 4 colors and 2 design patterns – Blue, Green, Grey, and White – Fall …

Windsor Series

Porcelain tile: Windsor series, available in 2 colors and 2 designs – Carrara and Windsor Black. Made in Spain.

Galaxy Series

Ceramic wall tile: Galaxy series 12.5″ x 35.5″, available in 2 patterns. Made in Spain.

Calacatta Gloss

Ceramic wall tile: Calacatta Gloss 12.5″ x 35.5″, available in plain and Hexa design. Made in Spain.